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Differentiated paint coating optimized for each color

Bubble Monster's paint coating products are special solutions differentiated from coating products in the existing market. These are professional products optimizing the coating performance required according to the coating color, and are divided into dark colors such as black/red/blue..., bright colors such as white/pearl... and multi-color. In addition, a special coating material of nanoparticles densely fills the small pores of the cleat layer or the painted surface, creating a very smooth, shiny, sturdy, hard transparent protective film.

This protective film lowers the tension of the painted surface to prevent contaminants from sticking to the surface, and completely protects the original texture and color of the painted surface from harsh physical external environments such as strong chemicals, ultraviolet rays, scratches and abrasion.

Optimization of coating
performance by color
Optimized for dark colors such as black /red/ blue..., bright colors such as white/pearl... and multi-color
resistance & durability
Completely and semi-permanently protecting the painted sur -face from severe physical stimuliand contamination
slick feeling & hydrophobicity
Lowering the tension on the painted surface to prevent contamination and providing ease of care
brightness & color
Providing deeper color and ultra-high brightness while main -taining the original texture and color without any changes


P10 (Platinum)

10H Multi-coating sulution


B9 (Black Label)

9H Paint coating solution for...


W9 (White Label)

9H Paint coating solution for...


G+ (Graphene)

Economical graphene paint...

Bubble Monster's choice will increase the value of your assets
Coating of materials subdivided by raw material

By enhancing the surface durability and creating an excellent hydrophobic effect while maintaining the original texture and color of the raw material, Bubble Monster's diverse and sub divided coating solutions for each material increase the value of assets in an always-new state, while reducing the economic burden and increasing easy care from material deterioration and contamination caused by chemicals and pollutants.


Friendly Install & Management

The perfect coating formula we think is 'how faithful to the construction and care process'. Continue on this page for more complete results and Bubble Monster's unique and friendly construction aids and management solutions optimized for each application that maximize the effect after construction and provide the best satisfaction by increasing the investment value.

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