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After finishing 2022 SEMA Show in Las Vegas


Following last year, Bubble Monster, a Ceramic Coating brand, successfully participated in the ‘2022 SEMA SHOW’ exhibition held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in the United States for four days from November 1 to 4 this year.

At this 2022 SEMA SHOW, Bubble Monster presented various types of paint coating products, component coating, and install & management products, and received great response and attention from the observers.

This event allowed Bubble Monster to prove the superiority and advanced technology of various product lines, and was a meaningful event for Bubble Monste to take a step forward as a global leading brand.

After finishing 2021 SEMA Show in Las Vegas


At the2021 SEMA Show held in Las Vegas for four days from Nov. 2-5, 2021, we'reconfident that Bubble Monster was the most popular brand in the industry. Somepeople said that it was unusual for people to pay a great attention to the brand which or thatparticipated in the show for the first time.

Although we were not exhibiting large booth facilities and eye-catchingsuper cars, people in the related industries around the world respondedhotly and enthusiastically to our various products that have been rolled outthrough trial and error for a long time. We’d like to thank our visitors deeplyagain for visiting our booth.

We introduced a wider range of products than other competitors during theevent, and above all, new conceptual ceramic coating products withdifferentiated paint coating optimized for each color, especially those fromP10 & B9 / W9 attracted visitors.

We think thoseproducts have raised a standard of judgement about the existing premium coatingproducts to a higher level.

In addition, Visitors highly evaluated with one voice theexpertise that we have carried out the whole process from development and production, tobrand marketing as differentiated from the non-manufacturing marketing brandsthat are currently rampant in the market, and our sincerity to commercialize alldeveloped products after field testing them enough for at least a few years. 

Starting with this participation, we plan to carry out active marketing tomake BubbleMonster meet people in more countries and events in the future. We'realso not satisfied with the results, and we'll do more to surprise our visitorswith more ground breaking products next year.

If you are looking for a new innovative brand of ceramic coating, pleasedo not hesitate to contact us now. We value your interest and we have aconfidence that it will be a great opportunity for your future business.