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    strong cleaning
    power & easy installation
Quick surfer
Oil remover

With strong cleaning power, Bubble Monster's 'Quick Surfer' is a cleaner with high ease of use. It is easy to remove oils that adsorb dust or sand from the surfaces of metal, glass, plastic, and painting. In addition, it can be used to remove residues such as dust, wax, light silicone, and small adhesive residues. Before attaching PPF or vinyl wrap, it helps quicker and more convenient construction in the basic work of removing oil and residue from the adhesive surface.


  • Quick and Easy oil & residue removal Enables construction without the need for specialized knowledge & experience
  • Safe products with environmental considerations

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Creation of new values comes from challenges


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Booster W

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Various product lines optimized for each purpose of use
Differentiated paint coating optimized for each color

Bubble Monster's paint coating products are special solutions differentiated from coating products in the existing market. These are professional products optimizing the coating per formance required according to the coating color. And those are perfect solutions that can completely protect the original texture and color of the painted surface from the harsh external environment without any changes.


Coating of materials subdivided by raw material

By enhancing the surface durability and creating an excellent hydrophobic effect while maintaining the original texture and color of the raw material, Bubble Monster's diverse and sub divided coating solutions for each material increase the value of assets in an always-new state, while reducing the economic burden and increasing easy care from material deterioration and contami nation caused by chemicals and pollutants.


Bubble Monster's choice
will increase the value of your assets